7 Tor RCA Badge 


7 Tor RCA's Badge

7 Toronto RCA

The badge of the Royal Canadian Artillery is used by all artillery units across Canada. The 7 Toronto Regiment is based at Moss Park Armoury in Toronto, and its Officers' Mess allows the Toronto Branch of the Royal Heraldry Society of Canada to hold our meetings there.

The motto UBIQUE (Everywhere) recognizes the presence of artillery in almost all major conflicts, and takes the place of all battle honours.

The second motto, QUO FAS ET GLORIA DUCUNT means "Whither right and glory lead".

Those interested in more information on 7 Toronto Regiment RCA, visit their website located at www.7TorontoRCA.com or email them directly at:

7 Toronto Regt
Moss Park Armoury
130 Queen St E
Toronto, ON  M5A 1R9



Source: "Hogtown Heraldry"(Rumball, ed., Toronto: June 2003, p. 6)

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