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Membership FAQ

Q: Who can be a member?

Anyone may become a member of the Royal Heraldry Society of Canada, Toronto Branch. You do not have to be armigerous, but you should have an interest in heraldry.

Q: What does membership entitle me to?

The Royal Heraldry Society of Canada (RHSC) distributes two periodicals, Heraldry in Canada and Gonfannon.  The former is a quarterly journal and features insightful articles on heraldry, which may also be of interest to genealogists and everyone else. Readers are gradually introduced to the personalities in heraldry in Canada, and the Chief Herald of Canada, and the other heralds,  are frequent contributors. Book reviews and examples of coats of arms appear throughout, and the style is more academic.

The latter is a smaller newsletter with up-to-date news from the branches, and information for members.

Members are also invited to attend meetings, either at their branch's level, or at the national Annual General Meeting. These meetings often feature prominent lecturers and displays, and are a perfect vehicle for meeting others interested in heraldry.

Members of the Toronto Branch also receive the branch newsletter, Hogtown Heraldry, which deals mainly with news and issues relating to heraldry in Ontario including the Greater Toronto Area.

Lastly, members of the Branch are invited to social dinners, some formal, some semi-formal which enjoyable, and periodically, members are periodically treated with a special guest at these dinner functions, e.g. Sir Conrad Swan, Ms. Vanessa Harwood (recipient of the Order of Canada) and other interesting individuals.

Q: Who are the other members?

Members range widely, and include both young and less-young, and are from all backgrounds and walks of life. Heraldry itself can be found throughout many parts of the world, and members have interests in all areas of heraldry.

Several members have gone on to hold appointments within the Canadian Heraldic Authority (the Society itself had a large role to play in its creation), as heralds.

Heraldic interests vary from the artistic to the historical and genealogical aspects.

Experience ranges from beginners to advanced levels.

Q: How much will it cost?

Membership is $75 per year.  For students 25 years and younger, it is $25. Institutional membership is $60.  Members outside of Canada must add $15 for additional postage.

The Toronto Branch also requires an additional $15 to cover the costs of its branch newsletter. Each branch charges additional fees, however branch membership is not necessary to become a member of the RHSC.

Q: Where can I apply/get more information?

Visit the following link: www.heraldry.ca  The URL is the National Society's main website.


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