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2005 Toronto Branch AGM

By David Rumball

humble horde of heraldic hopefuls happened to have a happy happening at historic Hart House!  Several members and guests gathered for a tour of the edifice and its history, led by a first-year student named Joanna, from Halifax.  We had opportunities to see the architecture of the House, and excellent occasions to view the many heraldic coats of arms in the Great Hall.  Some of us took advantage of the students we met by relating stories of our own student days at the University, and comparing their hardships of student life with those of today's students.  No winner was determined.  We then enjoyed a reception in the Debates Room. 


Heraldic beast holding a shield of the arms of Canada, on display on the west wall of the Debates Room
Photo: Raymond Morrell

Society President Dr Kevin Greaves, CD, FRHSC, entertains in the Debates Room of Hart House
Photo: David M. Cvet

Following a dinner of gastronomical delight served in the Debates Room with fine Ontario wines, the Branch presented a cheque for $1500.00 to Hart House's Heraldic Display restoration project.  This donation was matched by the Royal Heraldry Society of Canada, on whose behalf society president Dr Kevin Greaves, FRHSC, also presented a cheque.  Both amounts are the equally divided shares of the profit from the 2004 Annual General Meeting in Hamilton, Ontario in October 2004.

The outgoing Branch President, Captain David Rumball, is shown to the right with Ms Caroline Pereira, Senior Development Officer for Hart House (photo: David Cvet).  Captain Rumball also presented a personal cheque for $500.00 to honour his parents, both of whom attended the University of Toronto.

This was followed by a talk from the conservator of the heraldic shields, Mr Reumen Kirinkov, who cited the extreme efforts of his staff in restoring the details in the shields in the Great Hall of Hart House, and the methods they employed to promote conservation and restoration.  Several slides of works completed and in process, with before and after shots, complemented his talk.  The Reverend Canon David Bowyer then spoke on the history of Hart House and the many adventures that building has endured, including having soldiers camped out on its lawns and in the library during the First World War!

New branch president, Mr David Cvet, gives his inaugural address

Mr Reumen Kirinkov explains the restoration of the Great Hall heraldic shields

Reverend Canon Bowyer recites some history about Hart House

The evening ended with a brief Annual General Meeting, at which the new president, Mr David Cvet, was elected.  The financial report shows the Branch to be soundly in the black, with a solid membership base.  The new president has a couple of events in the planning stage for the upcoming year, of which more can be found in this and future issues of Hogtown Heraldry.  Our Branch webmaster continues to be Mr Raymond Morrell and he will assume secretarial duties, Ms Susan Peters as Director, Communications, Mr Brian Domander and Mr John Ames continue as Directors at Large, and Mr John Wilkes stays on as Treasurer.


  2005, Royal Heraldry Society of Canada, Toronto Branch